1. Which art/animation school did you attend?

    • I haven't attended an art or animation school. I am 100% self taught.

  2. Why do you have two Instagram accounts?

  3. What resources do you use to get better?

  4. How much do you practice?

    • I practice 3 to 7 hours everyday. #practicemakesperfect

  5. Where do you buy your art materials?

    • I buy all of my art materials from Hobby Lobby. (If you shop there too, make sure you use the 40% off coupon on their website!)

  6. Is Joyce-Anne Anthony your real name?

    • :) Joyce is my mom's middle name, Anne is my little sister's middle name and Anthony is my dad's middle name. So, to answer your question, no it is not. (But my friends really do call me by my nickname, 'JJ.')

  7. What was your favorite comic/movie growing up?

    • My favorite comic was Archie. I don't why I was so obsessed with it. I guess I just wanted to know, who was he going to choose, Veronica or Betty? Since you asked my favorite movie, I would have to say A Bug's Life. I watch that movie way to many times growing up.

  8. Who are your favorite artists?