Week 10: The Procreate Feature That's a Game Changer

This past week, Procreate unveiled the first major update for 2019, version 4.3. The update included the addition of text, additional blending options and (my personal favorite) the animated GIF option.

The GIF option was so awesome because I knew immediately it would help me save time.

In the past, I’ve drawn each individual frame then sent every frame to Photoshop to animate. The process video can be seen below.

The whole process took a really long time (a REALLY long time). What Procreate did is get rid of a long extra step.

I can now GIF’s way faster and at a more frequent pace.

GIF #1


GIF #2


I still need to play with the other new features but I’m really excited to see what Procreate will continue to do. The fact that all of this (in Procreate) is only for a one time charge of $9.99 is amazing. I certanitely feel like I am getting my money’s worth.

JJ signing out.

Until next time.