Week 4: The Grease Pencil in Black & White

Like I wrote last week, I was going to learn more about the grease pencil. I continued watching the Blender 2.8 tutorial on the Blender Cloud and now I feel more comfortable with the pencil.

A screen shot of my finished drawing in Blender 2.8.

A screen shot of my finished drawing in Blender 2.8.

These 3 girls are referenced from the Tokyo Fashion blog on Tumblr (the page can also be found on Instagram). The first image on the left was drawn free hand with my Wacom Tablet, the middle image was drawn with the Shift + S assist, and the farthest right image was drawn with the arc lines (the green lines/shapes seen on the left side). My freehand drawing is definitely the messiest and the other two girls line art are much cleaner.

A close up image of the 3 Tokyo women.

A close up image of the 3 Tokyo women.

Once I finished with the drawing, I wanted to play with the camera and animation. So after about an hour of trying to figure everything out, I made a super short still animation, playing with perspective and close-ups. The video can be seen below.

I finished this practice early in the week, so going off that momentum I went to another tutorial on YouTube to learn about 3D animation. Since I already did 2 previous tutorials with Olav3D Tutorials , I thought why not try another (slightly more difficult) one?

Woah nelly.

His tutorial on YouTube was 16 minutes, so I thought it wouldn’t be that difficult. (I seriously don’t know why I thought that.) The name of the tutorial is Blender 2.8 Tutorial: Water Simulation in EEVEE, Nearly Real-Time.

The first time I tried the tutorial, I messed up in the middle, and below you can see the failed result.

So after being extremely frustrated, I took a break from the tutorial and came back the next day.

Unfortunately, even after being meticulous with each step in Olav3D tutorial, I still failed. The second failed step can be seen right below.

This time the water came out the back and under the designated box I had it set up for. I honestly don’t know what I did wrong, so I just stopped in the middle of the tutorial and hung this one up. Hopefully, I can come back to this tutorial one day but right now I am frustrated. This was a good learning experience to keep on pushing through, even when it’s not going so good for you.

JJ signing out.

Until next time.