Week 25: Parkour Animation in Blender 2.8

It took awhile but I finally finished my parkour animation in Blender 2.8.

The video below is my process video for this animation.

As always, I reference my frames from Bodies in Motion. My computer workstation can be seen in the image below.

To-date I have made 2 different animations on Blender and this was the first time I made a 3D object before hand then imported it to my 2D canvas. If you watch the video, I talk about my process before finally getting it right (so to speak). Then I went in and drew of my each of my 22 frames.

My process for making an animation is sketching each frame, inking, adding color then lighting/shadows. My favorite part is adding the lighting/shadows to my animation. When I did it for this animation, it brought so much life to the character that wasn’t there before.

Screenshot of my workstation for my animation process.

Screenshot of my workstation for my animation process.

Below is my pencil rough draft, inking rough draft and my final render video.

Pencil Rough Draft

Inking Rough Draft

Final Render

This was a journey and I’m satisfied with the final result. I’m not 100% happy since I could have done better with adding my shadows/lightning. I didn’t color in the lines and it shows with the final result. However, this was all practice and I will do better next time.

JJ signing out.

Until next time.